With MyTravelsPlanner, you can easily plan all your trips :

• Add as many new trips as you want

• Specify the country (or countries) that you plan to visit and have an in-app map of each country that you can use when designing an itinerary

• You can add all the participants of the trip, right from your contacts list

• Design your itinerary, day by day

• Add planned activities for each day

• Enter your booking details for transports and/or lodgings.

• Make your packing list with separate categories (clothes, toiletries, etc.)

• Track all your trip expenses and have a complete view (by participant, by category, etc.)

• Expenses supports multi currencies and offers real time currency exchange rates

• See all locations on the map and get directions to a specific location.

• Add attachment files throughout the app (for receipts, tickets, booking confirmations, etc.) and preview them right within the app.

The app data syncs through your iCloud account and is available for all major Apple platforms through a single purchase.

MyTravelsPlanner Works without account registration and is free of ads, in-app purchases, subscriptions or data collection

What’ New

Version 2.3.1, released 11 Feb. 2022:

  • When entering / updating a transport the from date/time before to date/time check is not blocking anymore (to take into account different time zones).
  • In the expense form, the currency picker now displays the currency of the trip’s countries at the top.

+ Other bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Version 2.2.4, released 27 Nov. 2021:

  • Better handling of dark/light mode change
  • When changing the category of an expenses, previous value is now saved.
  • iCloud button in the toolbar no longer make the app crash

Version 2.2.3, released 27 Nov. 2021:

  • Fix for crash when updating trip infos.

Version 2.0, released 9 Jan. 2021:

Meet MyTravelsPlanner 2.0, a complete redesign to match the macOS Big Sur aesthetics, and also some (cool?) new features!

  • A new itinerary tool: it’s now easier than ever to design your trip itinerary
  • The country view now presents 3 travel websites (customisable from the preferences)
  • You can now add expected expenses when you haven’t already made the payment
  • The attachments view now display a built-in preview of all your attached files